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Reader Vlog #1: “Why The Haters Are Wrong About THE LAST JEDI”

Here at Revenge of The Fans, your voice will always be valued. We’re going to show our appreciation for contributions in a multitude of ways, both big and small. You’ll see it on a day to day basis in the way that we interact with you, and when we feature your Comments in a special spotlight post on the site every Friday where we dole out awards based on what you say in our Disqus section below every post.

But those of you who take your love of the site to that next level, and actually contribute to our Patreon page get to take things a step even further than that.

In fact, we’re working on a section of the site called the Wall of Vengeance, dedicated to our most dedicated supporters. That section will be comprised entirely of your submissions! Be they Vlogs, Columns, Artwork, you name it. We want to help give you a platform where your voice will be heard.

As such, on Day 1 here at RTF, we reached out to someone who’s been pledging his support to Editor-in-Chief Mario-Francisco Robles for years. Whether it was at his old site, as an avid consumer of his weekly El Fanboy Podcast, or as one of his very first Patreon Patrons, Mr. Aaron Virola has never hesitated to lend his support to MFR and all of his endeavors. So as a special way of saying “Thanks!” we’ve made him the inaugural Reader Vlog!

His topic?

Why The Haters Are Wrong About THE LAST JEDI”


Feel free to hit him up on twitter @AVirola, or tussle with him here in the Comments.

Want to be the next supporter to submit something to the site? Let us know!


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