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Tom Cruise Resumes Filming Insane Stunts for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6


Just 5 months ago, Tom Cruise had to step away from filming Mission: Impossible 6 after a bad landing during a rooftop stunt left him with a broken ankle. While he returned to filming after only two months, we now have confirmation he is back doing what Cruise does best: his own ridiculously dangerous and exhilarating stunts.

US Magazine has published on-set photos showing the 55-year old star sprinting across London rooftops chasing a helicopter and jumping out of a window. Looks like that ankle is holding up! Nothing seems to stop Cruise, who’s stunt legend may eventually overshadow the man himself.

The delays in filming have not affected the release date of Mission: Impossible 6, which is still scheduled to land in theatres this July. While filming is still taking place and July is not very far away, I believe they can still hit that timeframe. The series doesn’t typically rely on heavy CGI sequences and for the most part uses practical stunts and effects, which means a more straight-forward post-production compared to flicks with heavy VFX.

Cruise will once again share the screen with Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg & Rebecca Ferguson returning from Mission: Impossible 5 Rogue Nation, with the villain of the film to be portrayed by Henry Cavill‘s upper lip. Following his villainous turn in Justice League, he will sport a mustache this time around. Cavill’s contract for Mission: Impossible 6 included a clause that he cannot shave his mustache, affecting Justice League, which went through extensive reshoots in early 2017 resulting in the now infamous CGI upper lip of Superman in the film.

I for one am a huge fan of the Mission: Impossible series as well as Tom Cruise, so it’s great to see him back in action and that this injury hasn’t deterred him from giving us these breathtaking stunts. We’ll see what Mr. Cruise and Co. have in store for us this time around when Mission: Impossible 6 hits in July.

SOURCE: US Magazine


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