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BLACK PANTHER Devouring Opening Weekend Estimates



On February 16th Marvel releases Black Panther, its first film based on the comic book character that made his debut in 1966. The character has already gained fame when Chadwick Boseman brought it to the screen in an appearance in Captain America: Civil War as the son of the murdered Wakanda King now seeking revenge. He became a quickly popular part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe among fans and that is showing in the numbers being projected by Box-Office Pro as reported by DARK HORIZONS. Before the launch of the pre-sales tickets the estimate of box office sales was in the $90 million range for its opening weekend, placing it just behind Guardians of the Galaxy which finished with $94 million in North American theaters its opening weekend. Those estimates have changed, going up to $120 million opening weekend, making it the highest opening weekend earner of Marvel’s stand alone films, knocking down Spider-Man Homecoming which had held the top with an amazing $117 million its opening weekend.

Social media attention has been a large part of this huge jump with many in high anticipation for what many already think will be a great introduction of Boseman’s T’Challa to the solo movie world. These numbers don’t even include the pre-release tickets or the estimates for the films weekend release there on February 8th , which is promising for one of Marvels most known heroes of color. I suppose for some it was not a surprise Black Panther would have this level of excitement, especially with a stellar cast behind Boseman consisting of Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, and Michael B. Jordan.




Michael Powell

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